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Lincoln Yards Proposal Shrinks Again

Posted by Susan Dickman on Thursday, March 7th, 2019 at 10:00am.

Sterling Bay’s latest tweak made Lincoln Yard buildings less dense and shorter. The revision to their $6 billion mega project was made in hopes of winning City Council approval. Aldermen have expressed that they plan to oppose the development, which is another reason for their revision.

In their new proposal, Sterling Bay reduced their largest skyscraper 650 feet to 595 feet and the developments scope from 15 million square feet to 14.5 million square feet.  On top of that, Alderman Brian Hopkins confirmed that Sterling Bay has agreed to double their affordable housing on Lincoln Yards, which is something he pushed for.

However, Zoning Committee Chairman Alderman James Cappleman (46th) has yet to comment if he is satisfied with the latest changes. This is crucial since he has a lot of control on whether Sterling gets the needed approvals. He also controls whether the committee votes on the proposal. Sterling, of course, wants the process to go by quickly as possible in order to get their final blessings before Mayor Rahm Emanuel leaves office.

If the Zoning Committee signs off, Sterling Bay could get their final blessing next week!


We will keep you updated on whether or not these changes will put Sterling Bay in the good graces of City Council.

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